Hardy Boys Adventures (2013–)

Hardy Boys Adventures is an ongoing series of books attributed to Franklin W. Dixon, with eighteen titles and one omnibus title published so far since February 2013 and one more title announced. The books are published as trade paperbacks and jacketed hardcovers by Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division, under its Aladdin imprint.

1. Secret of the Red Arrow (February 2013)

2. Mystery of the Phantom Heist (February 2013)

3. The Vanishing Game (June 2013)

4. Into Thin Air (October 2013)

5. Peril at Granite Peak (February 2014)

6. The Battle of Bayport (June 2014)

7. Shadows at Predator Reef (October 2014)

8. Deception on the Set (February 2015)

9. The Curse of the Ancient Emerald (June 2015)

10. Tunnel of Secrets (October 2015)

11. Showdown at Widow Creek (February 2016)

12. The Madman of Black Bear Mountain (June 2016)

13. Bound for Danger (October 2016)

14. Attack of the Bayport Beast (February 2017)

15. A Con Artist in Paris (September 2017)

16. Stolen Identity (February 2018)

17. The Gray Hunter’s Revenge (October 2018)

18. The Disappearance (February 2019)

19. Dungeons and Detectives (forthcoming in October 2019)

Hardy Boys Adventures 3-Books-in-1! Secret of the Red Arrow, Mystery of the Phantom Heist, The Vanishing Game (June 2016)